Our Mission

DOVR provides a safe, inclusive, and calming wilderness immersion for veterans and civilians alike. It’s a place for veterans to Return, Rest, and Renew among a welcoming community.

Giving Back to Vets

DOVR is committed to supporting this nation’s veterans. Vets have sacrificed so much for this country, and we’re honored to support them in our small ways. A few ways that we give back to vets include:

  • Providing a wilderness retreat where all veterans are free to escape the chaos of modern life
  • Fostering a community in which veterans of all backgrounds can come together in camaraderie
  • Creating opportunities for vets to connect with nature through activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, and ATVing
  • Hosting community-driven veteran appreciation events

For the complete picture of how DOVR supports veterans near and far, and to learn how you can help, visit our support DOVR page

It Started Around a Campfire…

One fateful night in 2012 a group of friends gathered around a campfire to enjoy some camaraderie and beverages. They talked about the beautiful wilderness surrounding them. They discussed what an honor it was to live in an area that’s home to so many veterans. They expressed what a shame it was that there wasn’t a spot nearby for vets to get together.

“What if we could build a community for vets to come together, out here in the wilderness?”

The idea spread like wildfire. Community members, business owners, and the local government quickly got behind it. A coalition of veterans and civilians came together to make the dream real.

They found a location: a beautiful, secluded piece of Wisconsin wilderness.

They agreed on a mission: create a calming wilderness immersion for veterans to return, rest, and renew among a welcoming community.

And then it was off to the races!

Our Team

DOVR is run by a diverse board of veterans and civilians. Many additional team members, committees, and volunteers work hard everyday to drive the DOVR mission forward.

Rod Wilson Chairman

Dave Green Board Member

Heide Johnson Marketing Chair

Allyce Goblirsch Board Member

Tony Bentley Board Member

Donnie McConkey Treasurer

Gene Visger Board Member

Debbie Buck Housekeeping

Merle Meyer Vice Chairman

Denise Selden Secretary


Jeff Johnson 

Jeff Peer Board Member


 George Perry Board Member 

Our Members

DOVR members are the financial backbone that keep us standing soundly on terra firms. In addition to keeping the lights on, members provide invaluable input and help promote DOVR to the world.

Anyone can become a member! Membership is available at various levels for both individuals and businesses. Perks include free DOVR gear, admission to member-appreciation events, and voting rights at DOVR’s annual board meeting.

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Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of DOVR. Every event we host, every photo we share, every new campsite cleared is the direct result of hard-working volunteers.

Our eclectic team of volunteers has a variety of skills and strengths. We can find ways for just about anyone (anywhere!) to help support DOVR.

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